Introducing Our New Chicago Meal Prep Spring Menu: Authentic Italian Beef

As the days grow longer and the temperature starts to rise, there's no better time to spice up your meal prep routine with some delicious, hearty flavors that remind you of the beautiful city of Chicago. At Herculean Meal Prep, we're excited to announce the newest addition to our spring menu – the iconic Italian Beef meal prep, a classic Chicago dish that's perfect for those craving a taste of the Windy City.

The Italian Beef: A Chicago Classic

Our Italian Beef meal prep is inspired by the rich culinary history of Chicago, a city known for its mouth-watering food scene. The Italian Beef is a quintessential Chicago sandwich that has been delighting taste buds for decades. Our meal prep version of this classic dish features tender, shaved beef, juicy red potatoes, and a mix of flavorful peppers and onions. To complete this delectable meal, we smother everything in a savory gravy and top it off with a generous helping of spicy giardiniera.

Quality Ingredients for a Taste of Chicago

At Herculean Meal Prep, we're committed to using the freshest, highest-quality ingredients in all of our dishes. Our Italian Beef meal prep is no exception. We source the finest cuts of beef, ensuring that each bite is packed with flavor and succulence.


Check out our menu here and take advantage of our next day delivery (M-F) to Chicago today!

March 23, 2023 — Ben Canary

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