HercuLean Meal Prep is based on the philosophy that food can bring about body transformation and taste great, too. With our fanatical devotion to nutritional purity and precise measurement of ingredients, getting in shape has never been easier.

Frequent Meals

We advocate eating five to six meals a day. Many people eat this way while dieting for weight loss, because eating lighter, more frequent meals prevents insulin spikes that can lead to bodyfat storage.

Whole Food Ingredients

We believe in starting with whole food ingredients and processing them the way you would at home, just with bigger equipment. We marinate our meats overnight, we use a steam injected oven to avoid adding oil, and we take extreme care with temperatures of the food and the environment to ensure a safe meal.

Balanced Macros

Part of Clean Eating is recognizing that Food is Fuel. Unlike extreme low-carb diets, HercuLean Meal Prep will not leave you feeling light headed or short on energy. We love carbs, but we are very selective about which ones we use. Sprouted Brown Rice, Steelcut Oats, Quinoa, and Sweet Potatoes are some of the ways in which we incorporate complex carbs into our diet while forcing your body to burn fat throughout the day.


“It doesn’t matter how hard you work in the gym if you don’t control what you put on your plate.”

– Anonymous

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We hope you love our meals as much as we do! We have tried to make them as nutritious, simple, tasty and convenient as possible. If you enjoy our food, please share with your friends! And if there are any ways in which you think we can grow to be better, please let us know.