The Fed-Fast Cycle

Our bodies process nutrients into energy very differently, depending on how long it has been since we have eaten. In a sense, you are always either eating, or you're not. Well, technically, you've either recently eaten, you're pretty hungry, you're dissolving, or you're starving. OK, so those aren't technical terms, but they describe the four stages of the Fed-Fast [...]

Why frequent meals?

Most of us have probably heard of the Resting Metabolic Rate, or the amount of calories that we burn just "sitting there."   What you may not be aware of is that your body's processing of food (digesting, absorbing, transporting, metabolizing and storing nutrients) expends energy as well and adds to your daily total of [...]

Body Composition and Measurements

Body ideals have changed throughout history and vary by culture: for example, in the renaissance era obesity was associated with wealth, and was therefore considered attractive. However, we are all familiar with the Greek statues that show lean, athletic physiques, and these bodies are as aesthetically pleasing today as they were when they were created. Whatever [...]

Most Fished Fish

In the United States, Catfish is the single most produced fish. More catfish is farmed than all the other fish combined! Also, domestically, the Alaskan Pollock is the #1 most wild-caught fish. Most of these fish are caught in the Bering Sea, between Alaska and Russia. Alaskan Pollock is related to Cod, and it is [...]


To keep it simple, here are some rules of drinking: 1) No Alcohol 2) Coffee, Tea (especially Green Tea), Water, 5% Nutrition "All Day You May" Aim for a gallon of water or "All Day You May" per day. Avoid energy drinks, anything sugary like Gatorade or Vitamin Water, juice unless you make it yourself [...]